About Aelzina Books

Who, how and why – the background to Aelzina Books. And what is an Aelzina, anyway?


Aelzina Books started in 2007 when Daniel Hindes noticed that there was a growing trend of publishing public domain works on Amazon. At that time most of the reprints were photo reproductions, and many were hard to read. What if the original text were re-typeset in a clean layout? He established Aelzina, signed a distribution agreement with BookSurge, and launched around 30 titles in the next two years. Amazon bought BookSurge, and only one of the Aelzina titles (Vril) sold more than a few copies. It turns out quite a few other companies had the same idea. And then Amazon started publishing and promoting their own versions. Aelzina went through a period of inactivity, and in 2019 began working to publish original titles. The first new title launched was Viral Illness and Epidemics in the Work of Rudolf Steiner.


So what with the name Aelzina? I’d like to be able to give a detailed description of the esoteric background. But alas, the origin is more prosaic. I was looking for a business name that was unique (.com available) short, and at the top of the alphabet. I started playing around with letters, and this is what I came up with. Or maybe that is just the cover story…